Industrial Products

High Speed Self Repairable Roll Up Door

Approx Price: Rs 6.12 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
High Speed Self Repairable Roll Up Door
Self Repairable Door Size 3000mm * 3000mm : 1 Nos. Safety Sensor : 1 Nos. Self Repairable Function in built Push Button : 1 Nos.

High Speed Zipper Roll Up Door

Approx Price: Rs 6.11 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
High Speed Zipper Roll Up Door

Paw-Zipper unique products features high speed operation performance and esthetic appearance will make our product profitable and indispensable for your facility.
The most important feature of Paw-Zipper is that the curtain system at the location of the hit is derailed as a result of hiting the system accidentally, as it has a zipper column, strong and flexible rail systems. 
The system automatically covers the curtain and places it on the special rail and repairs itself without any need for service. 
With a strong wind strength zipper columns and the highest level of custom flexible rail systems. In this way, the traffic flow and the production is not interrupted.

  Technical Specifications :-
  • Maximum Passageway : 6.000 x 6.000
  • Engine Power : 0.75 / 1.2 kw
  • Engine Voltage : 230/400 V. AC. 50/60 Hz
  • Control Panel : IP 55 LCD Screen
  • Inverter : 0.75 / 2.2 kw
  • Opening Speed : 0.50 m / sn. -1.30 m/sn.
  • Closing Speed : 0.50 m / sn.±
  • Fuse Protection : 16 A
  • Canvas Thickness :     0.8 / ( ?1.5) mm
  • Heat Resistance of Canvas : -30 + 70 °C
  • Wind Resistance : Class 1/2
  • Carrier Rail System :     Aluminum
  • Security Photocell : 1 Set

Maxi Hangar Industrial High Speed Door

Approx Price: Rs 15.98 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

It Is Used in Manufacturing Plants , Aircraft Hangers Dockyards and Recycling Facilities due to its High Performance Suitable for any Industrial Environment with Textile (POLYSTER WITH PVC )0 Pes – 1100Dtex.

Technical Specification :-
1.Motor: 3 Phase, Watt depend on door size.
2.Wind Load : Up to 140 Km/Hour
3.Ready Uncomplicated Mounting Structure.
4.Single Double Motor are Used Depending on Door sizes.
5.Operating Temperature: -30 to 70 degree Centigrade.
6.Simple Safe Easy Operation
7.Colors Available in Canvas (PVC ) With RAL Codes Technical Specifications.

Swing Door Operator Automatic

Approx Price: Rs 99,657 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Automatic Swing Door Operator PB-1100

Product Description :-
Swing door operator is controlled by microcomputer control unit. Equiped with brushless motor, it can work for a long time in low noise, it is also with strong power and safe to use. The operator can be controlled by infrared sensors, radars, push buttoms, etc. It can be used for frameless flass door and framed glass door as well as other doors. This swing door operator is very stable, it can run over one million times, and also very safe for users

Toll Bearer High Way

Approx Price: Rs 1.39 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit


Special Toll Application Barrier for Highways / Parking-TGS-008

  • Barrier - 1 Nos.(Torque Motor
  • Push Button - 1 Nos.
  • Soft Foam Boom Arm Up to : 3000mm
  • No Fork Rest
  • No Base Plate (Not Required Also)
  • Metal Top Cover
  • Anti Break Away Feature Included
  • Dual Channel Loop Detector – 1 Nos
  • RS-485 Card 1 Nos
  • Open Close Time : .9 to 1.2 Seconds*

Wire Rope SS 304

Approx Price: Rs 140 / Meter 
Minimum Order Quantity: 305 Meter


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: RT604
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: NEW DELHI
  • Production Capacity: 10000
  • Delivery Time: READY
  • Packaging Details: ONE ROLL 305 MTR

Gasket Remover Aerosol Pack

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Set 
Gasket Remover Aerosol pack
  • Penetrates and cleans intricate shapes
  • Will not run, even on vertical surfaces
  • Eliminates excessive scraping and potential damage to flanged surfaces
  • Saves time and labor

Typical Applications

  • Removes baked-on gaskets and gasket cements
  • Removes formed-in-place gaskets
  • Removes gaskets from aluminum without scraping
  • Removes gaskets from small, difficult to reach areas

Directions For Use

  • Provide adequate ventilation.
  • Protect painted and non-metal surfaces from over spray.
  • The product does not require a ball agitator. For best results, the aerosol can should be at room temperature before spraying.
  • Holding can 8 to 10 inches from the surface to be cleaned, press the nozzle and spray the product onto the old gasket.

  • Brand: ABRO
  • Holding: 8 to 10 inches
  • Remove: Gasket from  Aluminium  

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: RT460

Cut Off Wheel

Approx Price: Rs 25 / each 

Cut off Wheel

With huge experience in this domain, we are engaged in exporting and supplying optimum quality Cut off Wheels. Offered wheels are widely used in automobile, foundry, ship building, and many more industry for performing grinding, cutting and surface preparation. Our highly experienced professionals these wheels with the help of best quality raw materials and ultramodern technology. Furthermore, these Cut off Wheels are available in several specifications to satisfy the demands of the clients and can be purchased from us at nominal prices.


Key Features:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Fine finish

Cut off wheel abro (USA) aluminium axoid size 180 mm X 2.8 mm x 22.23. having a high cutting efficiency, excellent durability, maximum operating speed 8500 rpm.

Grease 450 C High Temperature Non Melting

Approx Price: Rs 950 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kilogram

High Temperature Grease to the clients. Our industrial grade High Temperature Grease is compounded from a blend of synthetic base fluids and silica based thickener system. Further, our High Temperature Grease is compounded into these synthetic base fluids and the silica gel based thickener system is a proprietary blend of high temperature anti-wear extreme pressure additive and a combination of molybdenum disulfide and graphite. Suitable for various industrial applications,

Features :
Our quality-tested High Temperature Grease is an extreme pressure additive; molybdenum disulfide and graphite have a natural affinity for metal surfaces. This natural affinity for metal surfaces allows this solid lubrication combination to plate themselves to these surfaces in order to form a long lasting solid lubricant film which not only withstands high temperatures, but also will withstand pressures in excess of 500, 000 psi. This long lasting solid lubricant film provides the metal surfaces of the bearings the superior protection they need especially during periods of high shock loading, extreme pressure and vibration.

Description :
As high temperatures occur the High Temperature Grease will gradually soften in consistency without any drippage of the synthetic base fluids in order to carry and spread the molybdenum disulfide and graphite into the bearing clearances and onto the bearing surfaces. As the temperatures continues to become elevated the synthetic base fluids begin to volatize off cleanly without leaving any residues, varnishes, gums or carbon deposits on the bearing surfaces. Once the synthetic base fluids have completely volatilized off a solid lubricant film consisting of the proprietary high temperature anti-wear extreme pressure additive and the combination of molybdenum disulfide and graphite is left behind to lubricate at temperatures up to 450oC.

Applications :

· Bearings

· Chains

· Conveyors

· Drives

· Hinges

· Equipment operating in furnaces, kilns, drying and heating ovens, incinerators etc.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: RT422

Engine Oil Four Wheeler Revita

Approx Price: Rs 2,300 / 5 LTR 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 5 LTR
Revita lubengine 15 w- 40 api ci 4

Premium engine oil with atomic revitalizants


Benefits :

1. Ensure top level of reliability of diseal engine in all operating modes
2. Extends life span of the engine and reduce its maintenance cost
3. Keep engine clean,neutralize soot pollution of the oil
4. Eco frindly ,reduces harmfal emmisions
5. Ensures easy start at low temperature and engine lubrications in intensive operating modes and high temperatures.

Heat Protection Coating Deltabond TIC 650

Approx Price: Rs 5,500 / Pack 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pack
High heat protection coating that surpasses conventional insulation.
Delta bond TIC-650 Coating as a ceramic based, specially formulated insulation coating designed for thermal barrier in high temp. appl. Also works as a base coat / primer on metallic surface before other insulations.
This coating as much different than the traditional Warp insulation materials that only slow down the loss of heat. the eight ceramic compounds create a barrier to catch and hold heat on surface. unlike wraps that use air as insulation component, ceramic compounds in TIC-650 Coating have a very high heat emissivity.
Application :-
For steam pipe lines, furnaces, valves, storage tanks, and other high temp. appl.
Technical specification:-
Color : silver, With stand upto 650 deg C, Immediately reduces surface temp. and loss of heat upto 40%.
Very high emissivity of 90%. Does not loose insulation valve.
Highly resistant against atmospheric corrosion.
Apply thin coat first and after temp. reduction, thicker coats can be applied. Appl. BY BRUSH.
Coverage Area: 1kg. set will cover 40-45 sq ft. with 20micron thickness depending on the substrate.

Lubricant Spray - XADO- for Rusty Parts

Approx Price: Rs 500 / each 

Our firm specializes in providing our prestigious clients' with a quality array of Lubricant Spray - XADO- for Rusty Parts. Lubricant Spray - XADO- for Rusty Parts are used in the chain of vehicles that provides smooth running. Offered range find main applications in automobile industry for the clients. This product is highly effective and is tested on certain quality parameters to ensure purity. Offered range is made available to the esteemed customers from deft professionals as per specific demands at market friendly prices.




  • Better chemical stability with low viscosity
  • Easily soluble in water
  • Free from any kind of impurity

Rust Prevention Steelcoat Water based Delta bond USA

Approx Price: Rs 800 / Litre 
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Litre

Outer side Tanks, steel, pipelines, valves, water and sewage treatment plants etc.
Ixing ratio :- no mixing ratio, Pot life :- Not applicable
Heat deflection Temp. 300 *C
No load setting time at 25 *C :- 2 Hrs.
Application :- By Brush or Spray.
Recoat time :- 4-24 Hrs.
Coverage Area :- 1 ltr. set will cover 10-14 sq mtr. at about 2 micron thickness depending on the substrate.
Surface preparation:
1- Brush away loose contaminants. Remove dirt, oil, grease, paint...
2.- Apply using short Bristle brush on cleaned surface. Using a PVC or plastic Container is mandatory.

Electrical Tape Make Abro ISI Marked

Approx Price: Rs 3,260 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 480 Piece


Self Adhesive PVC Electrical Insulation Tapes With ISI Mark
• Reliable self-extinguishing Electrical Insulation Tape.
• Stretchable, Grips firmly & Moulds itself to any surface.
• Insulation & Protection to wires of electrical appliances & machines.
• Guaranteed Length

Size: 22mmx 8mtr

Colors Available: Black/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/White

Packing 30 Rolls X 16 Box (480 per ctn.)

20 Rolls X 18 Box (360 per ctn.)

PVC Strip Curtains

Approx Price: Rs 180 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Kilogram
Flexible PVC Strip Curtains...French Quality


What is PVC Strip Curtains

 PVC Strip Curtains are made from specially developed PVC material, which offers a cost effective and a simple way to control temperature, humidity and prevent the ingress of dust and insects.

Our PVC plastic strip curtain doors are ideal for maintaining an ambient temperature for your warehouse or coldstore, keeping out unwanted pests, restricting the movement of air pollutants or isolating noisy machinery. The strips of these doors are made of transparent or colored plastic in full or partial overlap, these strips can create real partition walls suitable to divide rooms and sheds.

  • Individual strips do not snag or scratch
  • Specifically formulated PVC material which does not discolour or become brittle
  • Ideal to control ingress of hot or cold air, dust and insects
  • Suitable for small, medium or large openings

Our products all have key features but the most important is the clarity of our Flexible PVC. PVC strip curtain also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and noise pollution.


Our PVC strip doors are widely used in Pharmaceutical Industries, Hotels & Kitchen Area, Dairy Industry, Packaging Industries, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Cold Storage, Freeze Zones, Processing of Agricultural Products, Warehouses, Food Processing Zones, Health Care Facilities.


Our wide range of PVC Strip is available in a variety of different temperature grades, colours and finishes. All of our PVC Strips are manufactured to the highest quality French standards and do not contain either DOP or DEHP and as a result are all compliant with the REACH directive. Special round edges of all the PVC Strips prevents user from getting hurt

DescriptionCodeWidthThicknessDoor HeightSuggestions
Transparent Clear BlueEPC1CB222002Upto 7 FeetIf the door is inside the premises, means not exposed to air
Transparent Clear BlueEPC1CB232003Upto 10 FeetIf the door is the main entry gate of the premises, means exposed to air
Transparent Clear BlueEPC1CB333003Above 10 FeetIf the door is the main entry gate of the premises, means exposed to air
Freezer/PolarEPC1FP222002Upto 10 FeetFor Cold Storage Area (-30)
Double RibbedEPC1DR232003Upto 12 FeetFrequent movement of Machines/Trolleys, Double Rib prevents damage to the PVC
Double RibbedEPC1DR333003Above 12 FeetFrequent movement of Machines/Trolleys, Double Rib prevents damage to the PVC
Anti-Insect Yellow ColorEPC1AI222002Upto 10 FeetAmber/Yellow Colour prevents insects to enter the premises
Anti-Insect Yellow ColorEPC1AI232003Above 10 FeetAmber/Yellow Colour prevents insects to enter the premises

Clevis Slip Hook

Approx Price: Rs 450 / Piece 

Clevis Slip Hook

Buy robust, rust proof and reliable Clevis Slip Hook at competitive prices. Fabricated using advanced CAD/ CAM technologies, our entire range of Clevis Slip Hooks is high endurance, excellently finished and durable. Buyers can purchase the hooks from us as per requirement. We provide them in varied specifications and offer individually tailored solutions as well. We can cater to bulk requirements with ease and make timely delivery of consignments.


Features :

  • Essential hardware item for rigging rope wire and cable
  • Lot of 2 Transport grade clevis slip hooks with latch. Easily attached and removed from winch or tow cables.
  • Available in 3/ 4’’, 5/16’’, 3/8’’, ½’’, 5/8’’  sold individually order any quantity for your  project
  • Not to Be Used for Overhead Lifting

Safety Shoes

Approx Price: Rs 1,250 / Pair 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Pair
Upper: Buff Barton Print Leather Black
Vamp Lining: Non Woven Cloth
Quarter Lining: Cushion Lining
Toe Cap: 200 Jouls
Laces : Nylon Round Black 85 Cm.
Eyelet: Rust Free Antic "d" Ring
Sole: Pu Sole
Socks: 3 Mm Laminated Eva
  • "CE Approved" Make In India.
  • As Per En 345, Is: 15298
  • Iso: 9001-2008 Company
  • Industrial Safety Shoes
  • Pu Injection Moulded Sole
  • Oil, Acid, Petrol Resistance
  • As Per Bis & En 345 Standard Best Quality Steel Toe 140-200jouls Strobelled Construction For Perfection Anti static Features Optional.

Safety Shoes

Approx Price: Rs 750 / Pair 
Product No. Rt-15015royale Pro Derby With White Stitch
Upper: Buff Barton Print Leather Black
Vamp Lining: Non Woven Cloth
Quarter Lining: Black Cushion Lining
Toe Cap: 140 -200 Jouls
Laces : Nylon Flat Grey & Black 85 Cm.
Eyelet: 600 No. Black
Sole: Pu Sole
Socks: 3 Mm Laminated Eva .
"CE Approved" make in india.
As per EN 345, IS: 15298
ISO: 9001-2008 COMPANY
Industrial Safety Shoes
PU Injection Moulded Sole
Oil, Acid, Petrol resistance
As per bis & EN 345 Standard best quality steel toe 140-200jouls strobelled construction for perfection antistatic features optional.

Tyre Flex Couplings

Approx Price: Rs 5,800 / Piece 

Tyre-Flex Couplings. These are procured from reliable vendors in the market and advanced technology by industry experts. Our ranges of couplings are used in automobiles for fitting purpose. These are well known for their sturdy construction, superb performance and corrosion resistance. We offer these couplings to our clients at competitive prices.

Size available 75mm to 450mm OD

Unbrako Socket Screws

Approx Price: Rs 12 / Set 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Set

Unbrako Socket Screws are used in machine tools, tools and dies, earth moving and mining machinery and etc. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance in respective applications made these highly demanded in the market and are also known for its high durability, easy to install and resistant to adverse conditions. We supply our ranges of products to our clients at affordable prices.

HSS High Speed Drill and Cutting Tools

Approx Price: Rs 2,700 / Set 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Addison Cutting tools provide as per the standard norms which are sturdy in nature and resistance to corrosion. Our offered products by us is widely used in various engineering industries. Available at highly competitive prices, these are customized as per the requirement of the client. These products reflect the innovative designs and sophisticated technology used in the fabrication our qualitative gamut.




  • HSS Blades & Carbide Drills
  • HSS Tap Sets
  • End Mill Cutter

Teflon Tape Ferolite

Approx Price: Rs 25 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Piece
Teflon Tape ferolite,Their rich attributes such as superb track, strong grip and outstanding adhesion to surface, make the Teflon tape  

                           3/4"X12 MTR
Guranted Accurate in leanth 12 mtr
Good quality ,thickness is accurate
Made in india
Approved brand ongc,ntpc,tata..ETC



  • PTFE teflon tape -U.S.A-available good quality
  • size 1/2"-12mtr- full length
  • size 1/2"-5mtr- full length

Gland Packing

Approx Price: Rs 400 / Kilogram 

We are dedicatedly engaged in importing, exporting and supplying a matchless range of Gland Packings. Gland packing provides a dynamic seal for a rod shaft and available in various dimensions. These are sourced from reliable vendors in the market and advanced technology by industry experts. Our range is properly as per the requirements of our customers. We offer our ranges of products to our clients at economical prices.


Industrial Applications :


• An exceptional packing for centrifugal pumps, rotatives, turbines, agitator valves, mixers, dryers and refiners.
• Suitable for a wide range of applications as metallurgical and chemical industry, paper & pulp, recycling plants, etc.


Key Features:



• Excellent lubricity and high thermal conductivity.
• Easy to install and to remove.
• Thermally and chemically tolerant on a wide range of conditions


Muff Couplings

Approx Price: Rs 1,500 / each 

We are well known importer, exporter and supplier of the finest quality Muff Couplings. These are used in the transmission of high torques at high speeds where misalignment is non-existent. These gaskets are reckoned for their durability, performance, dimensional accuracy and longer functional life. Our ranges of couplings are tested on various conditions before dispatching into the market.

Disc-O-Flex Couplings

Approx Price: Rs 13,000 / each 

We have gained vast expertise in offering a better-quality range of Disc-O-Flex Couplings. The couplings are used for general mechanical and engineering applications and available in various dimensions as per the industry standards. Our ranges of couplings are used in various industries and well known for its features like durability, sturdy construction and easy to install. Clients can avail these from us at economical prices in the market.

High Temperature Oil Seals

Approx Price: Rs 100 / Number 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Number
High Temperature Oil Seals available in various sizes.

Gear-Flex Couplings LFG / LHG

Approx Price: Rs 4,800 / each 

We are engaged in importing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Gear-Flex Couplings LFG / LHG. Our range is widely demanded in automobile industries and international markets for their long functional life, superior quality, corrosion resistance and etc. These are well tested by our experts on various industry norms. Clients can avail these from us at reasonable prices in the market.

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